Are you a restaurant owner?

Put PosiPays digital ordering & payment software on your service team today and get more orders.

Streamline your business and boost your bottom line with PosiPay.

Why choose PosiPay?

Increase Revenue by 20%

A digital waitstaff on every table; PosiPayy is an unrivalled opportunity to upsell, cross-sell, increase order value.

Decrease Expenses by 15%

PosiPay means less staff are needed for operations. PosiPay is your digital waitstaff. We require no training, we never get sick amd we never get the order wrong!

Improve Customer Experience by 30%

Reduce customer pain points by putting the customer in control of their order. Reducing error and increasing customer return!

Increase Up-Sells by 20%

Mouth watering food photography and a beautifully designed on-brand app interface delights and encourages customers to increase order value.

Increase Customer Insight by 25%

Easily collect contact data for more targeted marketing, business insights, improved reporting and reward your customers with loyalty incentives and maximise repeat business for long-term growth.

Decrease Customer Wait Time by 15 Minutes

Widen sales funnels at busy transaction times, whilst enhancing customer experience through lowering order wait times.

Product Features

  • Integrates with modern POS systems
    (Wizbang, Onetapp & Lightspeed)

  • Integrates with PosiPay Venue Dashboard

  • Integrates with Windcave payment gateway

  • Order from QR code

  • Voucher scanner on kiosk (optional)

  • Dual docket printer for customer and BOH

  • Receipt to customer via SMS, email or docket printer

  • Buzzer system (optional)

  • Browser and app for kiosk and phone

  • Branded menu and creative content

  • Gamified interactive special effects across kiosk & phone

  • Integrates to digital marketing software (Mailchimp, Hubspot)

  • Track order trends through reports (Venue Dashboard/POS)

  • Build customer loyalty through vouchers


PosiPay features a number of useful integrations to make your day to day operations even easier. Stay tuned for more to come in the near future!

Partner with PosiPay today.

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Meet our founder

Sam Southwell

Our founder Sam Southwell is a New Zealand entrepreneur, and creative director of globally recognised design consultancy Studio South, a group of creative services that specialise in creating high-level branding experiences and marketing, serving clients who share a common interest in harnessing the value of design in their business.

On several international travel trips to Japan, America, and Europe, Sam identified a new term, “brand tech”, where brand and technology were dating, predominantly software as a service enhanced by interactive intuitive interface design. This combination of solving a series of problems at once, and enlightening consumer behaviours around ordering and payments sparked this venture.

Inspired further by progressive hospitality brands and experiences that Studio South are progressing and creating, Sam was led to incubate the PosiPay idea in 2020 and formally founded the company in 2021. PosiPay is now live and performing in several hospitality businesses in Auckland and attracting interest from several sectors. PosiPay is currently raising capital for further growth and development.

Let’s talk. Speak to our sales team today and book a demonstration at our showsuite:
[email protected]
+64 21 156 3454

See What's Possible With Posipay And Book A Demo For Kiosk, And Order & Pay At Table

See What's Possible With Posipay And Book A Demo For Kiosk, And Order & Pay At Table

See What's Possible With Posipay And Book A Demo For Kiosk, And Order & Pay At Table

See What's Possible With Posipay And Book A Demo For Kiosk, And Order & Pay At Table